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Cupcake and Noodles Books

Are you ready to roam the world through the eyes and minds of Cupcake and Noodles? Grab a book or two, or four from the series!

Cupcake and Noodles Go To Kenya

July 2018

In this first in a series of rhyming picture books for children, Cupcake and Noodles visit the Nairobi National Park, the Nairobi National Museum, the Giraffe Centre, an elephant sanctuary, and the beach in Mombasa, all while learning about Kenya's history, culture, and food. The book details the real life adventures of two American sisters in their exciting travel escapades both close to home and far away.

new zealand cover for wix.jpg

Cupcake and Noodles Go To
New Zealand

May 2019

Come along with Cupcake and Noodles as they travel to the bottom of the earth to Auckland, New Zealand. Bright blues and groovy greens dot the land. Learn about the Maori, see glowworms in a cave and take a luge down a mountain. New Zealand was a blast!

Cupcake and Noodles Go To Chile

Coming Soon

Cupcake, Noodles, Mom and Dad take their first trip to South America to the beautiful country of Chile. There was so much to do! Read about their adventures at Fantasilandia, the bike ride through a huge park, picking grapes at a vineyard and the afternoon in the Andes mountains. It's all here! Join us!

Cupcake and Noodles Go To Spain

Coming Soon

Cupcake and Noodles head to Madrid and Barcelona to enjoy flamenco dancing, mountains and, of course, some animals, in Spain. 

Cupcake and Noodles Go To
New York City

Coming Soon

Cupcake and Noodles make their way to the Big Apple! Follow along as they play at Coney Island, soak up Harlem and search for dinosaurs at the American Museum of Natural History. And, well, you know, visit the animals.... at the Bronx Zoo!

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