Why I write picture books about traveling with kids

This is no shortage of travel or child-based websites. The internet is full of info on traveling or on children's books. But, hey, I'm here to combine the two!

We love traveling with our girls. The wonder in their eyes when they see something new, the way they describe the food or how they fight over who will sit by the window on the plane, makes for exciting fun on any trip, close to home or far away. Children have a way of helping you see the world with fresh eyes. Children's picture books can help you do the same in many ways. Books, of course, take the reader on journeys that are fantastical and whimsical. They allow us to imagine the world in many ways. The series I started, "Cupcake and Noodles Go To...", telling the travel tales of my two girls, is designed to take the reader on journeys they can recreate themselves. The reader sees a new country or town through a kid's eyes, with the actual places visited,all in a rhyming format that helps children learn and be entertained. I am writing these picture books because I want to entertain, inspire and inform kids, adults and everyone in between. The world is big and if you can't get to a place in it, we're doing our best to bring that place to you, in a fun way!